Blades in the Darkness

Session 2

The Morvaen Merchant challenges Sidious to a duel at midnight in Nightside. Sidious accepts and Thorin agrees to act as second. The terms are, if the Merchant wins, the girl is returned to him. If Sidious wins, the Merchant will draw up documents legally transferring the slave to Sidious. He can then do as he wishes with her. The Merchant then leaves.

Bidzii returns from the North, and informs Tokala of their mother going to see Jorl the Moneylender about some fake gold coins.

Tokala tracks Akando to an abandoned house. Akando is found on the second floor, curled in a ball and rocking like a little child. The girl is found in the next room, her body split open and bled out. She looks as if something burst out of her womb.

Thorin discovers something under the ruined couch in the front room. He calls the others and they surround the couch, as the sounds of something tearing through the floorboards is heard. Some sort of tentacle attacks Thorin from under the floor. It barely misses his leg.

The men throw the couch over, revealing a large hole in the floor. They search for a basement door, and find it in the kitchen. Thorin and Soren begin to descend the rotted wooden stairs in to the basement. The stairs are too far gone and can’t bear the weight. They collapse, spilling Thorin to the flooded basement floor. Soren manages to catch on to a rafter and hangs there by one hand.

Thorin hits the floor hard and his feet slide out from under him, putting out his lantern and plunging the room in to darkness. Something can be heard moving beneath the water.

Suddenly a creature gabs Thorin by the arm, just as Soren drops to the basement floor, losing his footing and falling in to the water as well. Tokala drops through the hole in the living room floor with a lit candle he and Sidious managed to scrounge up.

Tokala’s light reveals the six armed, grub like creature holding Thorin’s arm. The light seems to drive it away, and it releases Thorin to dive under the stagnate, putrid water.

Thorin casts about, looking for the monster, when his foot finds an opening in the floor. Sidious splashes down in to the basement as well, also losing his footing. The men decide chasing the creature under water is foolhardy at best.

Everyone but Tokala leaves the basement with wet underwear.

The party splits up, each returning to their residence to rest and clean up. Tokala leads a hysterical Akando home, and Soren returns to Dockside. Sidious goes with Toklala, and Thorin returns to his room at the University.

Tokala asks his brother Bidzii to fetch a doctor for Akando and they all lay down to rest.

Thorin returns to his room to discover he’s been robbed, as the students gather in the University Square to protest against the war in Elom. A thin black rope hangs out of his 5th story window…



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