Blades in the Darkness

Session 3

Thorin returns to his room, finds it ransacked, a rope hangs out the window. He see’s a blonde woman dressed in black running away. He switches rooms to the floor above.

Sidiuos and Toklala crash at the Pawn Shop.

Everyone meets up in Dockside, they go to the Buccaneer, a strip club/bar and grill.

They meet Galt, who Sidious knows, he buys a fake coin from Tokala.

They watch the Humble Radiance, a Morvaen ship dock. The Merchant?sorcerer is spotted speaking with persons getting off the ship, or milling around the ship, its unclear.

Sidious knows that Galt works for Trando(Uncle Trando) a drug dealer in Shambles Cross. They track Galt to his place of business, a Tavern I can’t remember the name of now… They meet Galt’s partner Sammo. Sammo gets spooked by the talk of the fake gold and leaves, heading toward the basement.

The party follows, arriving in the basement in time to see Sammo forced in to a cage with wild hogs, who are already eating Galt alive. Trando is there with Kalinda, his aide, GF we dunno.. .and she pours the party wine, which is poisoned. Only Sidious drinks, and (Vigor Roll) turns out to be immune to Scarlet Viper venom. Trando is disgusted by the lack of effect by his poison, and then realizes the party ISN’T working with Galt.

Trando apologizes and takes the wine away. Somehow, this is supposed to make it all ok…

Trando explains the fake gold is coming from the Alsbury Red brewery down the street. He pours out a keg of the fake coins on the bar, the party gathers some up.

On to the brewery. Thorin meets Theyn, an old friend from the northern city of Roenne.
(neat little retcon there) and once at the brewery, the party meets Ms Alsbury.

She denies any involvement in the counterfeiting, even when pressed pretty hard by Tokala.
At her direction the party heads to the basement to speak with her crew. Three of them flee through a tunnel when the party appears, the others trying to delay the group.

Tokala sprints past and follows the fleeing men. Sidious kills one of the workers and they run away up stars. Everyone follows Tokala.

“Danger do not Open” the sign says… cause there are “Huge Fucking Spiders” in there… Thorin Soren and Sidious killed five, the rest fled, pretty smart for spiders. Tokala loses the trail and returns to meet the group. They begin to smell smoke, so they return to the basement and find it strangely not on fire…

Returning to the tunnels, the men are tracked by Thorin until a hole is found, with a burning ladder at the bottom of it.

Looking for an alternate way down, the group finds a locked door, the sign says “Danger do not Open”, they do, and stairs lead down.



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