Blades in the Darkness

Session 4

Now here is where I’m a bit unclear on the sessions. We had at least 2 where we mostly had a lot of trouble with Roll20. and didn’t get to really play at all. I can’t remember if these events happened at the end of the previous session or in the next…

Down the stairs with the ever increasing smell of death and rot… an older door is discovered leading in to a crypt, where pale skinned creatures with long blue tongues are cringing away from Thorin’s lantern.

The party corners two of them, pressing them behind a sarcophagus until they snap and start fighting. They are both dispatched with a little difficulty. (I think Tokala got hit?)

The door is opened and more pour in, joining the fight. Thorin and Soren hold the doorway so the creatures can’t get in to fight effectively and they are soon driven off. I think five or so were killed.



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