Blades in the Darkness

Session 5

At some point, we actually got to play like twice in a row.. I don’t know exactly when this was though…

The group decides to follow the ghouls (yeah Danny figured them out) and find a coffin full of treasure. They loot all that.

Soon, a large room is discovered, with a LOT of ghouls in it, and a very “pretty” young man. The young man explains that he is the Baron of the Under city, and they are violating “The Pact” that the ghouls have with the King.

He doesn’t seem to think the King is dead.. (I think this is when Brett actually joined us, right?)

The party is asked to leave.. They refuse. Undaunted, the Baron offers his hospitality and refreshment. This too is refused once the Baron admits that eating might turn the party in to ghouls… The group then decides to leave.

Returning to the upper tunnels, the party runs in to a squad of City Guard led by Lt Atham. He asks to help the party find the men they were chasing.

Once at the hole in the floor, ropes are brought and a descent is made. Another set of tunnels leads to a large room full of rubble and stairs ascending.

A cell is found, complete with bones, and the party moves on, backed by the Guard. Soon, two bodies are found, one throat slit, the other stabbed a lot of times.

Behind a secret door, a secret workshop. Here is found a warm forge and coin dies. Lt Atham takes the coin dies. Other items of interest are a bunch of daggers with Morvaen craft stamps.

Across the hall, behind another locked door, a cell with Tokala’s mother. She explains that the men took his sister with them.

The party decides he’s gone, and returns to the surface.



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