Blades in the Darkness

Session 6

The group decides to get something to eat, so they all go to a popular fish place in Nightside. It is discovered that most Brewing and Liquor Sales Rights in the city are being revoked and there is little to drink but Morvaen mead.

Over dinner, they discover that a riot is starting to the south east, in Miltown. The workers were payed in fake gold, and they aren’t happy…

The owner of the restaurant is spoken with, as he also does metal work, and a name is gotten to analyze the coins. Clarn, a metal supplier in Dockside. The group goes over there.

Theyn decides to break in to the closed shop. Picking the lock, they are surprised to find a really large Clarn is still in his shop. He seems to think he left the door unlocked and allows them in, offering a beer.

Clarn advises they go to the Alchemist’s Guild and find “at least a Journeyman Alchemist” to figure out the coins.

On the way to the Alchemist’s Guildhall, the group runs in to a crowd of people watching the fires in Milltown. The crowd is verging on a mob. Unwilling to waste a good mob, the group directs them toward the Humble Radiance, with shouts of “its the Morvaen’s fault, they’re to blame” and the like. Works pretty well. Having started a riot of their own, the satisfied group continues to the Guildhall.

So they find an available Alchemist. Zirra the Welder Chick. Upstairs in her shop, she tells the group that the coins are Iron Pyrite, Lead, sulfur and for some reason, have Sutramin in them. The rest she hasn’t figured out yet. After giving her a location and time to meet them (y’all DID do that didn’t you?1?!?) the party heads over to the ship, gotta check on their riot…

Near the Ship, the riot didn’t go so well. Bodies and wounded people are strewn about. A force of City Guard is facing down a platoon of Morvaen marines. The Guard is led by a Whitecloak, Knight Constable Renner. The Morvaen in charge is arguing with the Knight Constable as the group approaches. Joining the discussion just like they belong in it, the party decides they want to search the ship for the coiner.

Runners are sent, and permission to go aboard is granted. #0 men escort the party and KC Renner to the ship.

Once aboard, the Captain is imperious and annoying. Finally agreeing to take them below, he leads them to a smaller forward hold with crates of Sulari Orchid petals. He locks them in the hold as he goes to fetch the Quartermaster’s log.



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