Akando Ohanzee

younger brother of Tokala


Akando is 16. Average Height and Weight. Long black hair and a young scruffy black (not really but I’m trying to be) beard. He has black eyes, and dark Y’has skin. He has started his Y’has tattoos on his legs.


Akando is one of nine children, the fourth male and the sixth child in line. His mother owned a pawn shop, that is now being run by his oldest brother Tokala. Mama Ohanzee (Hopa) has recently disappeared with 3 of the siblings. Akando is an university student. Akando is a party boy and has began to run with the Golden Circle, to his oldest brother’s disapproval; Akando more than recognizes Tokala’s disapproval and returns the favor with an attitude of embarrassment towards his brother and his old boring ways.

Akando Ohanzee

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