Hopa Okanzee

Tokala's Mother


Hopa is a beautiful Y’has (Tatankan) woman. She is 41 and still stunning. She has green eyes, dark skin, and long salt an pepper hair.


(Hopa) family arrived in city two generations ago (counting her) exiled from a-tribal dispute. Hopa’s father was part of a tribal faction that wanted to unite the Y’has tribes as one nation. This was not accepted by the tribal chief, and e was exiled. The Ohanzee’s are of Tatanka Tribe blood. They are a plains tribe of Y’has, and though riding is a proficient skill, horse warriors is the fame of the Kaguex. The Tatankans are famed wrestlers, arm, leg ,and open handed combat. Their symbols is the bear.

She is the mother of nine but has recently disappeared without a trace with hree of her children.

Oldest Sister. Her name is Yauna she is a beautiful Y’has women. She is 27 and married, her husband Joter, a rich merchant, is said to have paid 1000’s for her hand to their mother Hopa. Yauna always looked to Tokala to protector her as a child. They are very close, but now she is married she lives in the Woods section of the city.

Younger brother alive – view tokala as protector 20 years old-Bidziil(Means He is Strong) is a reliable worker and supports his family outside of the shop as a dock worker loading and unloading sugar and rum. He also will work in the shop as much as possible, and has recently became a citizen completing three years as a city watch guard from 17-20. His unusual strength and size was made him an intimidating force on patrol. Next sister— in prison for minor crime—interested in
Tokala’s life she is 18 and her name is D’tharia. She is beautiful like most Y’has women, but hates men because she was raped in the rough streets of Shambles Cross on her way home from the high market when she was 15 years old. She has since been through many drug habits and is in jail for petty theft.

Brother disappeared=— treat Tokala as protector— 17, Demothi (walks while he talks). A recent graduate of the university. He has simply disappeared the same time as his mother. Demothi was always favored by his mother above all the other male children. The golden child so to speak.
Brother alive embarrassed by Tokala 16- Akando—-see Akando character sheet

sister—disappeared treat as protector-15 and perhaps the most beautiful of all the gorgeous Ohanzee women. She is at the right age, and worth a fortune to her mother. She has disappeared with her mother and Demothi, and the baby of the family, Ahanu (He laughs).

brother -alive protective of Tokala 14 year old . Bodaway (firestarter) is a hot tempered teenage boy. He is an university student, but is on probation after having to readmit for fighting white boys. Bidziil is his hero, and he can’t wait to join the military and go to fight the war.

brother -disappeared-protective of Tokala—-13 year old Ahanu (He laughs) is the last of the Ohanzee children, and he is loved so by his mother. Ahanu is the only one that can rival Demothi for her affection. His is spoiled and lazy, but a beautiful, smart, athletic kid, he makes everything look easy, and if a sibling has a jealous bone in their body; he simply drives them crazy. He does love and look up to Tokala, and admires his work from a distance.

Hopa Okanzee

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