Blades in the Darkness

Session 6

The group decides to get something to eat, so they all go to a popular fish place in Nightside. It is discovered that most Brewing and Liquor Sales Rights in the city are being revoked and there is little to drink but Morvaen mead.

Over dinner, they discover that a riot is starting to the south east, in Miltown. The workers were payed in fake gold, and they aren’t happy…

The owner of the restaurant is spoken with, as he also does metal work, and a name is gotten to analyze the coins. Clarn, a metal supplier in Dockside. The group goes over there.

Theyn decides to break in to the closed shop. Picking the lock, they are surprised to find a really large Clarn is still in his shop. He seems to think he left the door unlocked and allows them in, offering a beer.

Clarn advises they go to the Alchemist’s Guild and find “at least a Journeyman Alchemist” to figure out the coins.

On the way to the Alchemist’s Guildhall, the group runs in to a crowd of people watching the fires in Milltown. The crowd is verging on a mob. Unwilling to waste a good mob, the group directs them toward the Humble Radiance, with shouts of “its the Morvaen’s fault, they’re to blame” and the like. Works pretty well. Having started a riot of their own, the satisfied group continues to the Guildhall.

So they find an available Alchemist. Zirra the Welder Chick. Upstairs in her shop, she tells the group that the coins are Iron Pyrite, Lead, sulfur and for some reason, have Sutramin in them. The rest she hasn’t figured out yet. After giving her a location and time to meet them (y’all DID do that didn’t you?1?!?) the party heads over to the ship, gotta check on their riot…

Near the Ship, the riot didn’t go so well. Bodies and wounded people are strewn about. A force of City Guard is facing down a platoon of Morvaen marines. The Guard is led by a Whitecloak, Knight Constable Renner. The Morvaen in charge is arguing with the Knight Constable as the group approaches. Joining the discussion just like they belong in it, the party decides they want to search the ship for the coiner.

Runners are sent, and permission to go aboard is granted. #0 men escort the party and KC Renner to the ship.

Once aboard, the Captain is imperious and annoying. Finally agreeing to take them below, he leads them to a smaller forward hold with crates of Sulari Orchid petals. He locks them in the hold as he goes to fetch the Quartermaster’s log.

Session 5

At some point, we actually got to play like twice in a row.. I don’t know exactly when this was though…

The group decides to follow the ghouls (yeah Danny figured them out) and find a coffin full of treasure. They loot all that.

Soon, a large room is discovered, with a LOT of ghouls in it, and a very “pretty” young man. The young man explains that he is the Baron of the Under city, and they are violating “The Pact” that the ghouls have with the King.

He doesn’t seem to think the King is dead.. (I think this is when Brett actually joined us, right?)

The party is asked to leave.. They refuse. Undaunted, the Baron offers his hospitality and refreshment. This too is refused once the Baron admits that eating might turn the party in to ghouls… The group then decides to leave.

Returning to the upper tunnels, the party runs in to a squad of City Guard led by Lt Atham. He asks to help the party find the men they were chasing.

Once at the hole in the floor, ropes are brought and a descent is made. Another set of tunnels leads to a large room full of rubble and stairs ascending.

A cell is found, complete with bones, and the party moves on, backed by the Guard. Soon, two bodies are found, one throat slit, the other stabbed a lot of times.

Behind a secret door, a secret workshop. Here is found a warm forge and coin dies. Lt Atham takes the coin dies. Other items of interest are a bunch of daggers with Morvaen craft stamps.

Across the hall, behind another locked door, a cell with Tokala’s mother. She explains that the men took his sister with them.

The party decides he’s gone, and returns to the surface.

Session 4

Now here is where I’m a bit unclear on the sessions. We had at least 2 where we mostly had a lot of trouble with Roll20. and didn’t get to really play at all. I can’t remember if these events happened at the end of the previous session or in the next…

Down the stairs with the ever increasing smell of death and rot… an older door is discovered leading in to a crypt, where pale skinned creatures with long blue tongues are cringing away from Thorin’s lantern.

The party corners two of them, pressing them behind a sarcophagus until they snap and start fighting. They are both dispatched with a little difficulty. (I think Tokala got hit?)

The door is opened and more pour in, joining the fight. Thorin and Soren hold the doorway so the creatures can’t get in to fight effectively and they are soon driven off. I think five or so were killed.

Session 3

Thorin returns to his room, finds it ransacked, a rope hangs out the window. He see’s a blonde woman dressed in black running away. He switches rooms to the floor above.

Sidiuos and Toklala crash at the Pawn Shop.

Everyone meets up in Dockside, they go to the Buccaneer, a strip club/bar and grill.

They meet Galt, who Sidious knows, he buys a fake coin from Tokala.

They watch the Humble Radiance, a Morvaen ship dock. The Merchant?sorcerer is spotted speaking with persons getting off the ship, or milling around the ship, its unclear.

Sidious knows that Galt works for Trando(Uncle Trando) a drug dealer in Shambles Cross. They track Galt to his place of business, a Tavern I can’t remember the name of now… They meet Galt’s partner Sammo. Sammo gets spooked by the talk of the fake gold and leaves, heading toward the basement.

The party follows, arriving in the basement in time to see Sammo forced in to a cage with wild hogs, who are already eating Galt alive. Trando is there with Kalinda, his aide, GF we dunno.. .and she pours the party wine, which is poisoned. Only Sidious drinks, and (Vigor Roll) turns out to be immune to Scarlet Viper venom. Trando is disgusted by the lack of effect by his poison, and then realizes the party ISN’T working with Galt.

Trando apologizes and takes the wine away. Somehow, this is supposed to make it all ok…

Trando explains the fake gold is coming from the Alsbury Red brewery down the street. He pours out a keg of the fake coins on the bar, the party gathers some up.

On to the brewery. Thorin meets Theyn, an old friend from the northern city of Roenne.
(neat little retcon there) and once at the brewery, the party meets Ms Alsbury.

She denies any involvement in the counterfeiting, even when pressed pretty hard by Tokala.
At her direction the party heads to the basement to speak with her crew. Three of them flee through a tunnel when the party appears, the others trying to delay the group.

Tokala sprints past and follows the fleeing men. Sidious kills one of the workers and they run away up stars. Everyone follows Tokala.

“Danger do not Open” the sign says… cause there are “Huge Fucking Spiders” in there… Thorin Soren and Sidious killed five, the rest fled, pretty smart for spiders. Tokala loses the trail and returns to meet the group. They begin to smell smoke, so they return to the basement and find it strangely not on fire…

Returning to the tunnels, the men are tracked by Thorin until a hole is found, with a burning ladder at the bottom of it.

Looking for an alternate way down, the group finds a locked door, the sign says “Danger do not Open”, they do, and stairs lead down.

Session 2

The Morvaen Merchant challenges Sidious to a duel at midnight in Nightside. Sidious accepts and Thorin agrees to act as second. The terms are, if the Merchant wins, the girl is returned to him. If Sidious wins, the Merchant will draw up documents legally transferring the slave to Sidious. He can then do as he wishes with her. The Merchant then leaves.

Bidzii returns from the North, and informs Tokala of their mother going to see Jorl the Moneylender about some fake gold coins.

Tokala tracks Akando to an abandoned house. Akando is found on the second floor, curled in a ball and rocking like a little child. The girl is found in the next room, her body split open and bled out. She looks as if something burst out of her womb.

Thorin discovers something under the ruined couch in the front room. He calls the others and they surround the couch, as the sounds of something tearing through the floorboards is heard. Some sort of tentacle attacks Thorin from under the floor. It barely misses his leg.

The men throw the couch over, revealing a large hole in the floor. They search for a basement door, and find it in the kitchen. Thorin and Soren begin to descend the rotted wooden stairs in to the basement. The stairs are too far gone and can’t bear the weight. They collapse, spilling Thorin to the flooded basement floor. Soren manages to catch on to a rafter and hangs there by one hand.

Thorin hits the floor hard and his feet slide out from under him, putting out his lantern and plunging the room in to darkness. Something can be heard moving beneath the water.

Suddenly a creature gabs Thorin by the arm, just as Soren drops to the basement floor, losing his footing and falling in to the water as well. Tokala drops through the hole in the living room floor with a lit candle he and Sidious managed to scrounge up.

Tokala’s light reveals the six armed, grub like creature holding Thorin’s arm. The light seems to drive it away, and it releases Thorin to dive under the stagnate, putrid water.

Thorin casts about, looking for the monster, when his foot finds an opening in the floor. Sidious splashes down in to the basement as well, also losing his footing. The men decide chasing the creature under water is foolhardy at best.

Everyone but Tokala leaves the basement with wet underwear.

The party splits up, each returning to their residence to rest and clean up. Tokala leads a hysterical Akando home, and Soren returns to Dockside. Sidious goes with Toklala, and Thorin returns to his room at the University.

Tokala asks his brother Bidzii to fetch a doctor for Akando and they all lay down to rest.

Thorin returns to his room to discover he’s been robbed, as the students gather in the University Square to protest against the war in Elom. A thin black rope hangs out of his 5th story window…

First Session

Sidious has liberated a slave from the clutches of a large Morvaen merchant. She fled the hostel when he slew the guard. Leaving the merchant bound and gagged, Sidious chases her off in to the night.

Tokala is roused from his home by the King’s Hounds, to come fetch his brother Akando injured in a gang fight. They’ve cut off his hair and beard, a serious affront to Y’Has honor. Confessing reluctantly that he’s had a fight with The Daggers Gang,, Akando agrees to go home with Tokala.

Just then, the fleeing girl runs in to Tokala, and he catches her. Looking around he see’s her pursuers and decides flight might be a good idea. They run northwest, up Latt Street to Corlin’s Alley. Sidious Krugg, Gordo and Dray follow, all pursued by the Merchant of Morvae and his company of Guards. Akando takes the hand of the escaped slave. He seems to think this is all a fun game.

Thorin, on his way to spend some time at the Crystal Orchid Club on Latt Street, witnesses the group running by, and see’s the Merchant begin to gesture and chant. Intrigued, he watches as a thick mist begins to flow out of the street ahead of the fleeing group. Poor Gordo runs headlong in to the growing mist and is devoured by the Mist with Mouths to the horror and shock of passersby. (GM fail, not enough scene setting and description of people around.) The girl cries out in an unknown language, except that Thorin thinks he might have heard it before…

Leaving poor Gordo to his fate, the group proceeds west down Corlin’s Alley, the Morvaens having seemed to give up pursuit.

Thorin moves off south, down a side alley to intercept the group further down.

Soren is enjoying a local stout at the Quayside Tavern, when a man runs in talking about a slave raid in the Quarter going on with bodies in the streets and escaped slaves running wild. Intrigued, Soren buys the man, Clarv a drink. (GM fail, I know it was thin Josh, thanks for going with it…)

Clarv elaborates, and the two set off to see the spectacle.

Thorin catches the group as they proceed down Sothway, Akando complaining about Tokala’s outdated traditional ways and ideals in a loud, petulant voice. Thorin asks to examine the girl, and she speaks to him, confirming that he is indeed familiar with the strange tongue she speaks. She then kneels in the street, her arms crossed above her head. Something passes between Thorin and her at this point…

Soren approaches the group and learns that this is, for a fact, the “Great Slave Raid” Clarv was telling him about. Clarv then backs away, as the group decides to go over to Tokala’s shop. (can’t remember why y’all were going there now..)

On the way, walking down Sothway, Soren detects people shadowing them, a street over. He keeps this knowledge to himself…

Turning in to Torm’s Court, they are confronted with the merchant and his company of guards, 16 in number. The merchant offers 1000 silver nobles for the return of his property, the girl. He is evasive when asked for details, saying only “She is valuable beyond your imagining.” Now, I’m not certain who made threatening moves first, but suddenly it was on!

(GM fail- This fight should have been tougher, and I need to be more conversant with the rules. Sorry y’all I’ll get better. Thanks for the backup Josh.)

At the end of it all, the merchant has Soren’s sword to his throat, and the 5 surviving guards had run away. Bodies littered the street as the whistles and horns of the King’s Hounds could be heard approaching. It was then that Akando and the girl’s absence were noted…

The merchant was frogmarched up to the “Ohanzee Pawn and Sword” shop.

Once inside he was put to the question, “Why is this girl so valuable?”

After some coercion, the merchant revealed his story.

“She was discovered in the Forsaken City of eastern Elom, on the D’Neku Plateau, above the H’Lanali River Valley. We were searching for antiquities, which I am a dealer in, not a slaver as you insist. She was locked away, in a vault. She seemed to be a statue, but on closer examination, it was revealed that she lived! We awakened her with wine… She was confused, and spoke only a language none of us could recognize, even our native guides.
I believed a was in the presence of a native speaker of the ancient S’sugada tongue!
Imagine her value in translating the ancient texts, of which so few survive….”

We’ll pick it up there next session. It was great gaming with you guys, and awesome to game with Danny. Thanks for joining us. Everyone played really well. Except for technical difficulties and my mistakes as GM, it was a great game.

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