Human Races of Alethe-Engol

Engol- Bronze skin, Brown or black hair, worn long by both genders. Blue, grey or green eyes. Brown eyes are rare and are considered ugly. Engols are usually 6 feet tall plus for men, and 5’6" to 6’ for women.

The Engol live in the northeastern area of the

The Engol are just now turning to a feudal government. In just the last 25 years. Before they were individual tribes, ruled by the strongest. A few times, an really strong chief would unite the tribes and become a Warlord. The taking of Cheles’Vaar was once such incident.

27 years ago, a Warlord arose, but instead of raiding and killing, he’s put the Engol to rebuilding the ruined castes and cities of the North. He names himself King, and rules from an ancient concentric castle at

Human Races of Alethe-Engol

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